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Tomb Raider 2: Directed by Misha Green. With Alicia Vikander, Kristin Scott Thomas. Sequel to the 2018 reboot Tomb Raider 2 je akční film z roku 2021, spadající do žánrů akční, dobrodružný a fantasy. V hlavních rolích a Alicia Vikander. Režie: Ben Wheatle The sequel was previously slated to hit theaters on March 19, 2021. No new release date has been given to Tomb Raider 2 for the. moment, resulting in an indefinite delay. The sequel has yet to begin filming or set a firm start date for production. We should therefore have a release for the movie Tomb Raider 2 at the end of 2022

Amatérské levely Cosplay Filmy Povídky Obrázky Test znalost Další. Srazové hry Srazy Naše streamy Písně Odkazy. Úvod » Filmotéka » Filmy » Tomb Raider 2 (2021) Tomb Raider 2 (2021) Novinky. Vyhledávání. ----- OPEN ME -----Tomb Raider 2 is officially a go. MGM has set a release date for the sequel and has firmed up the creative team that will bring.. Tomb Raider 2 might have been delayed indefinitely from its March 2021 release, but the sequel is happening (despite our doubts over it) and it has an exciting new writer and director.. It was. Tomb Raider 2 is an upcoming sequel to 2018 reboot film to the 2018 film, loosely based on the 2013 reboot game, Tomb Raider.Please follow me on Instagram :. TOMB RAIDER 2 OFFICIALLY SCHEDULED FOR 2021 (Photo by Warner Bros.) Last year's reboot of the video game adaptation Tomb Raider starring Alicia Vikander didn't exactly blow up the box office domestically (just $58 million from a budget of $94 million). Some box office pundits argued (and some didn't) that the surprise success of Black Panther was a factor in disappointing box office for.

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Leider ist Tomb Raider 2 derzeit bei keinem der auf Moviepilot aufgelisteten Anbietern zu sehen. Merke dir den Film jetzt vor und wir benachrichtigen dich, sobald er verfügbar ist The news that Tomb Raider 2 will not be released in March 2021 is hardly a surprise at this stage. Without any production taking place and March being just five months away, there was no chance that Tomb Raider 2 would hit that date. This could've been achieved if COVID-19 didn't happen, and the movie was able to begin filming in the first half of 2020 as planned

Tomb Raider 2: Alicia Vikander hopes to kick some ass on the sequel. After bringing Lara Croft back to the big screen in 2018, Alicia Vikander is itching to return to Croft's world for Tomb. Datum vydání filmu Tomb Raider: Lara Croft 2 (2021) ještě není známo, informace o přívěsu se očekávají později. Podívejte se na video: Tomb Raider 2 - Trailer Teaser- 2021- SEQUEL -Alicia Vikander,MOVIE fan made (Srpen 2021). Předchozí Článek Knives Out 2 - 2021 Datum vydání filmu, herci, trailer, zápletk

Tomb Raider 2 Release Date: March 19, 2021 Tomb Raider 2 The movie Tomb Raider 2 is a direct sequel to the 2018 Tomb Raider movie, starring Oscar winner Alicia Vikander, which was a reboot of the 2001 film starring Oscar winner Angelina Jolie O avião em que Lara Croft e Jonah estavam se acidenta no meio da selva amazônica peruana. E Lara vai ter que procurar o seu amigo Jonah, procurar os seus equ.. Tomb Raider 2 est un film réalisé par Misha Green avec Alicia Vikander, Kristin Scott Thomas. Synopsis : Les nouvelles aventures de l'aventurière Lara Croft Tomb Raider 2 is an upcoming sequel to 2018 reboot film to the 2018 film, loosely based on the 2013 reboot game, Tomb Raider. 1 Synopsis 2 Plot 3 Cast 4 Production 5 Trivia 6 Gallery 7 Concept Art 8 Videos 9 External links 10 References To be added To be added Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft Kristin Scott Thomas as Ana Miller Prior to the release of Tomb Raider movie, Alicia Vikander expressed. The bad news is that MGM has officially withdrawn the Tomb Raider 2 release date. The sequel was scheduled to hit theaters on March 19, 2021. There is no news. release date was given to Tomb Raider 2 at the moment, resulting in an indefinite delay. The sequel has yet to begin filming or set a firm start date for production

twinfinite.ne Tomb Raider 2 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Menu. Movies. The Most Anticipated Movies of 2021 a list of 44 titles created 21 Jul 2020 Radarr a list of 47 titles created 22 Apr 2020 2021 - Most Anticipated a list of 42 titles.

Trotzdem wurde bereits Anfang 2019 eine Fortsetzung offiziell bestätigt, die sogar bereits einen Kinostart hatte. Ursprünglich sollte Tomb Raider 2, erneut mit Alicia Vikander in der Hauptrolle, im März 2021 erscheinen. Aufgrund der Coronapandemie ist dieser Termin nicht mehr einhaltbar, doch es scheint gute Neuigkeiten zu geben Tomb Raider 2: Alicia Vikander nejspíš bude hledat skryté město Inků. Premiéra filmu je ve hvězdách. 5 obrázků v galerii . Tomb Raider (2018 Filmové recenze, novinky v kinech 2021, filmová databáze, české filmy, trailery, upoutávky a jiná videa, filmové hlášky - Kinobox.cz

Podatki o oddaji Tomb Raider, film, ki je na TV sporedu dne 28.08.2021 ob 13:15, program HBO 2. Tomb Raider (2018), 2018Lara Croft (Alicia Vikander) je divje svojeglava hči ekscentričnega pustolovca, ki je izginil brez sledu, ko je bila še najstnica Zdaj se mora gnati prek vseh meja, da bo našla skrivnostni otok, kjer so nazadnje videli njenega očeta Tomb Raider (150 min) Regie: Roar Uthaug. Mit: Alicia Vikander, Dominic West, Walton Goggins, VOX FSK 12 HD TIPP Abenteuerfilm | GB/USA 2018. 2021-09-02 08:15:00 2021-09-02 10:45:00 Europe/Zurich Tomb Raider Tomb Raider Lara begibt sich auf die Suche nach ihrem verschwundenen Vater Lord Croft. Diese führt sie zu einer Insel vor der japanischen. Blog ten będzie się skupiał głownie na anime, ale też znajdą się w nim książki filmy seriale. środa, 25 sierpnia 2021. Tomb Raider vs Tomb Raider. Tomb Raider vs Tomb Raider. Skąd ten tytuł parę lat temu widziałem Tomb Raidera z Angeliną Jolie wczoraj nadrobiłem Tom Raidera z Alice Vikander In September 2019, A March 2021 Release Date For Tomb Raider 2 Was Announced, Along With A Writer And Director. Tomb Raider 2 became even more like a reality in September 2019 when Deadline. TOMB RAIDER: THE CRADLE OF LIFE (2003) — 2.5/5. Plot Synopsis: Lara Croft (ANGELINA JOLIE) is back in action and faces her most perilous mission: to recover what ancient civilization believed to be the essence of all evil, Pandora's Box.She must travel the globe, from Greece to Hong Kong to Kenya and beyond to get to the box before it's found by a maniacal scientist (CIARAN HINDS) whose.

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  2. Tomb Raider 2 ein Film von Misha Green mit Alicia Vikander, Kristin Scott Thomas. Inhaltsangabe: Fortsetzung zu Tomb Raider (2018) mit Alicia Vikander.
  3. Tomb Raider: Lara Croft 2 (2021) - Podaci o filmu: Datum izlaska, uloge, najava. U glavnim ulogama: A. Vikander, K. Scott Thomas i sur. Dio 2 akcijske avanture Tomb Raider: Lara Croft režirat će redatelj Ben Wheatley, poznat po TV seriji Doctor Who, kao i horor filmovima Popis smrti i Visoki uspon. Alicia Vikander opet će igrati.
  4. Tomb Raider 2 : Alicia Vikander fait des révélations sur le projet de film. Initialement prévue pour 2021, la suite de Tomb Raider avec Alicia Vikander est toujours en cours de développement. L'actrice oscarisée a récemment livré quelques informations sur le projet au cours de la journée presse du film The Green Knight

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La date de sortie du film Tomb Raider 2 a été repoussée. En effet, initialement prévue pour le 19 mars 2021, la nouvelle aventure cinématographique de Lara Croft mettant en vedette Alicia. Tomb Raider 2 2021 Full Movie Free Streaming Online with English Subtitles ready for download,Tomb Raider 2 2021 720p, 1080p, BrRip, DvdRip, High Quality. Réalisé par : Graham King, Laurie Rose, Ben Wheatley, Amy Jum Baixar Filme Dublado Tomb Raider 2 2021 Legendas: Externa Qualidade: 1080p, 720p, BluRay , HD, 4K Formato: MKV / MP4 Vídeo: 10 / Áudio: 10 Tamanho: 1.2 GB / 1.9 GB / 7.6 G

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Tomb Raider 2 (2022), scheda completa del film di Misha Green con Alicia Vikander, Kristin Scott Thomas: trama, cast, trailer, gallerie, boxoffice, premi, curiosità e news Tomb Raider 2 was announced back in 2019, with Warner Bros. and MGM initially slotting the sequel in for a March 2021 release, doing so with indie wiz Ben Wheatley in the director's chair (via. Wann wir mit Tomb Raider 2 oder Tomb Raider - Oblivion rechnen können, ist noch unklar. Wenn man bedenkt, dass das Skript noch nicht gänzlich fertig gestellt wurde und die Dreharbeiten noch weit davon entfernt sind, zu beginnen, wird es sicherlich noch einige Jahre dauern, bis wir Alicia Vikander endlich wieder als Lara Croft sehen werden Tomb Raider 2: Wann ist der deutsche? Als US-Kinostart hatte Warner Bros. für Tomb Raider 2 den 19. März 2021 geplant. Wegen der Coronavirus-Pandemie gab es zu mehrfachen Verschiebungen, so dass aktuell nicht klar ist, wann genau der Film erscheinen wird. Ursprünglich sollte Drehstart für Tomb Raider 2 bereits im Sommer 2020 sein Further still, Tomb Raider 2 was actually meant to already be with us, as it had originally been scheduled for a March 2021 release. Whatever version we were meant to have gotten has seemingly been scrapped however, as two months after the initial release date, we've just got a working title and a first draft of a script

So it looks like Tomb Raider 2 is actually happening, and although it's not scheduled to hit theaters until 2021, people are already talking about how it could bomb Alicia Vikander is set to reprise her role as Lara Croft in MGM's Tomb Raider, reports Deadline. The Tomb Raider sequel is set to hit theatres on 19 March, 2021. English filmmaker Ben Wheatley is set to helm the film. As a result, a husband-wife duo will be heading the project, considering wife Amy Jump was hired in April this year to work on the script for the sequel Tomb Raider 2 est un film d'action-aventure américain prévu pour l'année 2021, avec comme réalisateur Ben Wheatley et scénariste, Amy Jump. Ce film sera une suite directe au reboot Tomb Raider sorti en 2018, et donc une adaptation cinématographique du jeu vidéo Rise of the Tomb Raider, se déroulant en partie en Sibérie Tomb Raider 2 Film 2021. Es liegen noch keinerlei Meinungen und Kritiken für diesen Film vor. Sei der Erste und schreib deine Meinung zu Tomb Raider 2 auf.Jetzt deine Kritik verfasse

The sequel to 2018's Tomb Raider movie starring Alicia Vikander has signed a Director and been given a premiere date of March 19, 2021. Deadline reports that Ben Wheatley has signed on to direct. The so-called video game movie curse has struck time and again when even the most talented of filmmakers attempt to bring a video game to the big screen, but 2018's Tomb Raider is one of.

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  1. The Oscar winner and star of the latest film adaptation of the Tomb Raider video game saga, actress Alicia Vikander, is optimistic about shooting the sequel to the theatrical reboot of Lara Croft's adventures in 2021. So has assured in a recent interview with the Entertainment Weekly medium, lamenting the current situation in the film.
  2. g Timeline . January 2021: The film was in Development status. Lovecraft Country creator Misha Green is on-board to write and direct the sequel. April 2020: The film was in Pre-Production status. April 2019: The film was in Development status
  3. Fans are asking if a new Tomb Raider video game will be announced in 2021 for PS5 and Xbox Series X, and something could happen for Lara's 25th anniversary
  4. All Tomb Raider 2 trailers, news and movie details. The sequel to 2018 film Tomb Raider. All Tomb Raider 2 trailers, news and movie details. The sequel to 2018 film Tomb Raider. 2 months ago on May 18, 2021 Tomb Raider 2 : Director Misha Green Shares The Latest News On Production. News. 6 months ago on January 28, 2021
  5. Tomb Raider 2 es una película dirigida por Misha Green con Alicia Vikander, Kristin Scott Thomas. Año: 2022. Título original: Tomb Raider 2. Sinopsis: Secuela de Tom Raider (2018), también protagonizada por Alicia Vikander
  6. Toutes les informations sur Tomb Raider 2, film réalisé par Ben Wheatley avec Alicia Vikander et sorti en . Synopsis

A(z) Tomb Raider Teljes Film 2018 1080p című videót Online Sorozatok nevű felhasználó töltötte fel a(z) film/animáció kategóriába. Eddig 884 alkalommal nézték meg. A rettenthetetlen, független fiatal nő, Lara Croft kislány volt még, mikor édesapja, a különc kalandor nyomtalanul eltűnt Tomb Raider 2 (official title to be revealed) is now set to arrive at theaters on March 19, 2021. Tomb Raider 2 Details. As mentioned, Tomb Raider effectively laid plenty of the groundwork for. Tomb Raider 2 Coming in 2021, Alicia Vikander Returns as Lara Croft MGM is moving ahead with Tomb Raider 2 as a release date has been set and director Ben Wheatley has boarded the sequel. Ryan. The first film, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider is a fun, fairly well-paced popcorn flick that isn't just a carbon copy of any previous story from the games, and instead just pays homage to them by. The tweet reveals that Eidos Montreal will have a brand new game to reveal next week on June 13, when the Square Enix presentation at E3 2021 will kick off at 12:15 p.m. PT/3:15 p.m. ET/8:15 p.m.

Oryginalne imię: Tomb Raider 2 Kraj: USA, Wielka Brytania, Japonia Gatunek muzyczny: fantasy, thriller, akcja, przygoda Producent: B. Wheatley Światowa premiera: 2021 Premiera w Rosji: 2021 W roli głównej: A. Vikander, K. Scott Thomas i in. Część 2 przygodowej gry akcji Tomb Raider: Lara Croft wyreżyseruje reżyser Ben Wheatley, znany z serialu Doctor Who, a także. Cinéma Tomb Raider 2 : une très bonne nouvelle pour la suite du film avec Alicia Vikander. Après un premier film plutôt réussi, Alicia Vikander va se glisser à nouveau dans la peau de Lara.

Financial analysis of Tomb Raider 2 (2022) including budget, domestic and international box office gross, DVD and Blu-ray sales reports, total earnings and profitability Tomb Raider's Film Future Looks Bright With 2 New Projects. Lara lives on in film and TV. As Tomb Raider turns 25 this year, news on two upcoming projects will give fans plenty to celebrate.

Tomb Raider 2 will test the best action gamers out there and stands a good chance of frustrating the heck out of the rest of us. It excels in graphical beauty, complex and creative level design, and a richly-rendered virtual world, but it has taken the original Tomb Raider to a new level of challenge that will likely be inappropriate for many. Starring Alicia Vikander and Kristin Scott Thomas, the film is a sequel to the 2018 reboot Tomb Raider. It will be released on 19 March 2021 in the United States. Alicia Vikander plays Lara Croft in the film. Tomb Raider 2 was shot at Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden and Cape Town Film Studios Tomb Raider 2 Gets Lovecraft Country Series Creator Misha Green to Write and Direct Tomb Raider 2 Has Been Delayed Indefinitely Tomb Raider 2 Coming in 2021, Alicia Vikander Returns as Lara Crof Tomb Raider 2-Movie Collection (4K UHD + Digital) [Blu-ray]. About the Release: Relive the globetrotting adventures of Lara Croft in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider with a newly remastered version on Blu-ray June 1, 2021 from Paramount Home Entertainment.. Originally released on June 15, 2001, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider stars Angelina Jolie as the intrepid. Tomb Raider Definitive Survivor Trilogy is being sold right now for $20, as part of the celebration of Lara Croft's birthday, but the price will soon go up to $50 on April 2. It's a big year.

Apache/2.2.15 (Red Hat) Server at sportstar.thehindu.com Port 8 FILMSTARTS.de : Eine Fortsetzung des Tomb Raider-Reboots von 2018 ist schon lange geplant. Doch in der Zwischenzeit gab es große Personalwechsel. Nun hat Alicia Vikander verraten, wie der. Tomb Raider 2: Wie geht es weiter? - Achtung, es folgen Spoiler zum Tomb Raider-Film (2018) - Zur Handlung ist nach dem Führungswechsel hinter den Kulissen noch nichts bekannt Tomb Raider: 2-Movie Collection (4K Ultra HD) - Also debuting on the 4K Ultra HD format this week is the Tomb Raider 2-Movie Collection, which brings both of the Angelina Jolie movies from the early 2000s to the format.It was fun to go back and rewatch these movies after so many years. They're not nearly as bad as some people make then out to be, although they do fall short of being the.

Apakah benar sekuel reboot Tomb Raider (2018) aka Tomb Raider 2, memang akan memulai syuting-nya pada tahun 2021 mendatang?. Bagi Chillers yang fans berat dari reboot adaptasi video game Tomb Raider (2018). Pastinya kalian sudah tahu banget bahwa sebenarnya, Tomb Raider 2 dari filmnya sudah ingin memulai proses syutingnya pada tahun 2020 ini Alicia Vikander. August 1, 2019 ·. I remind you that in 2021, Tomb-Raider 2 will be released, it will be a very strong emotion to see Alicia , in the role of Lara Croft! . 3939. 2 Comments

Original name: Tomb raider 2 Country: USA, UK, Japan Genre: fantasy, thriller, action, adventure Producer: B. Wheatley World premiere: 2021 Premiere in Russia: 2021 Starring: A. Vikander, K. Scott Thomas et al. Part 2 of the action adventure Tomb Raider: Lara Croft will be directed by director Ben Wheatley, known for the TV series Doctor Who, as well as the horror films Death List and. Watch truly great cinema. Wherever you are. With no ads. Ever. From new directors to award-winners. Beautiful, interesting, incredible movies — a new film every single day. Stream Now. Download to watch Offline. Start your free 7 day trial now Also, there will be a Lara Croft: Tomb Raider 2-Movie Collection 4K UHD Blu-ray set available on June 1st available as well, via Paramount. These two films, including the sequel Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - The Cradle of Life (2003), have been previously released on the 4K format individually but they will be getting bundled together. A Tomb Raider: Lara Croft 2 (2021) film megjelenési dátuma még nem ismert, az előzetesről később várható információ. Nézd meg a videót: PlayStation 5 - First 4K Gameplay Demo PS5 2020 Unreal Engine 5 (Augusztus 2021). Előző Cikk Az éhezés íze - 2021 film: Megjelenés dátuma, Trailer megtekintése, Színészek, Híre

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دانلود فیلم Tomb Raider 2 2021 به فارسی مهاجمان مقبره 2 با لینک مستقیم به همراه دوبله و زیرنویس فارسی از وبسایت امی مووی فیلم مهاجمان مقبره 2 به انگلیسی Tomb Raider 2 2021 به کارگردانی Ben Wheatley محصول 2021 آمریکا می باشد Alicia Vikander has revealed the progress being made on 'Tomb Raider 2'. The movie was originally set for a March 2021 release date but filming was delayed, and Vikander admitted it's very. Alicia Vikander has revealed the progress of Tomb Raider 2. The 32-year-old actress, who starred as Lara Croft in the original 2018 video game adaptation, admitted while the pandemic was still stagnating plans for a green light follow-up, writer and director Misha. Green is working on the script. Asked if the movie is still happening, The Uncharted game series took its cues from Tomb Raider, which in itself was a play on the Indiana Jones films - also getting a sequel that's expected to hit cinemas in 2022

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Tomb Raider 2 might have been delayed indefinitely from its March 2021 release, but the sequel is happening (despite our doubts over it) and it has an exciting new writer and director Tomb Raider 2: Alicia Vikander spera nel film sequel. Alicia Vikander ha dichiarato di sperare nel sequel di Tomb Raider 2, che sarebbe ancora in fase di lavorazione. Alicia Vikander vorrebbe tornare a vestire i panni di Lara Croft, e per questo spera in un Tomb Raider 2, che nel periodo precedente al Covid sembrava certo, ma che ora ancora non.

Both Tomb Raider films are guilty pleasure flicks for sure.They were Angelina Jolie action vehicles back in a day when Super hero and video game movies weren't exactly very popular (outside of the just introduced Resident Evil franchise). This 2 film collection pretty much clones the 4K UHD discs from the individual releases and gets rid of the Blu-ray halves of the combo pack (and in doing so. Tomb Raider 2 is scheduled to arrive in cinemas on March 19, 2021.As of today, the movie has been out for around since its theatrical release.. When is Tomb Raider 2 coming to DVD? Tomb Raider 2 DVD release date is set for June 25, 2021, with Blu-ray available the same day as the DVD release.DVD releases are typically released around 12-16 weeks after the theatrical premiere

The 2017 video game film adaptation, Tomb Raider, has a sequel currently in development.While progress has been hindered by a variety of different issues ranging from changes to its director and writers, Tomb Raider 2 now has a potential title and more. The film's current director and writer Misha Green recently teased that her first draft for the film has been completed Originalname: Tomb Raider 2 Land: USA, UK, Japan Genre: Fantasie, Thriller, Action, Abenteuer Produzent: B. Wheatley Weltpremiere: 2021 Premiere in Russland: 2021 Mit: A. Vikander, K. Scott Thomas et al. Teil 2 des Action-Abenteuers Tomb Raider: Lara Croft wird von Ben Wheatley, bekannt für die TV-Serien Doctor Who, sowie den Horrorfilmen Death Row und High Rise geleitet Pada cerita Tomb Raider 2 Lara Croft akan mendapat masalah besar. Ayahnya hilang. Pada episode sebelumnya Lara Croft yang dibintangi peraih Oscar Alicia Vikander. Lara Croft adalah putri petualang eksentrik yang santai, independen. Ayah Lara menghilang saat ia masih remaja.Inilah film 2021 yang ditunggu para penggemar film

Tomb Raider 2: Alicia Vikander o sequelu filmu Nowy Tomb Raider, podobnie jak uwspółcześniona wersja gier o słynnej pani archeolog, rzucił nowe światło na Larę Corft Tomb Raider 2 director Ben Wheatley recently addressed the status of his sequel, but it's now been confirmed that the movie is undated as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out more details. Un potentiel Tomb Raider 2 n'est alors pas exclu, 22/07/2021 à 01:00. Reste à l'adapter de manière intelligente pour 2 heures de film. Ça me semble moins compliqué que de tout.

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Along with MGM's announcement that Tomb Raider 2 would be delayed, the studio also revealed that the Aretha Franklin biopic Respect will be delayed from Jan. 15 to Aug. 13, 2021. Directed by Ben Wheatley, Tomb Raider 2 stars Alicia Vikander. The film currently has no release date Tomb Raider 2 wurde mit einem US-amerikanischen Kinostart am 19. März 2021 angekündigt. Aufgrund der Corona-Pandemie und den Regie-Wechsel ist dieser nicht mehr aktuell

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MGM Sets 'Lovecraft Country's Misha Green To Write/Direct Next 'Tomb Raider 2021 2:30pm . 19 Comments. Services to share this page. The latest Tomb Raider installment is among a killer. Lara Croft (Alicia Vikanderová) je zcela nezávislá dcera výstředního dobrodruha, který zmizel beze stopy, když byla ještě dítě. Jakmile zjistí, na jakém ostrově se po jejím otci slehla zem, musí překonat své vlastní limity August 2021 landen gleich zwei Highlights für Gamer im Programm des Streaming-Dienstes. Das erste Highlight ist Tomb Raider mit Alicia Vikander als Lara Croft; das Film-Reboot, das sich am Reboot. Tomb Raider 2 was originally set to be directed by Ben Wheatley (Free Fire, High-Rise) with his long-time collaborator and wife Amy Jump attached to write the screenplay. Production on the project. 2. Tomb Raider Chronicles - TOMB RAIDER ANNIVERSARY WILDLIFE CONCEPT ARTWORK. Browse a collection of Tomb Raider Anniversary wildlife conceptual artworks including a T-Rex colour palette, re-released as part of Tomb Raider 25, a celebration of 25 years of Lara Croft and Tomb Raider. Tomb Raider Anniversary was developed by Crystal Dynamics as a.