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2011 - 09 Joshua Tree - Hidden Valley and Barker Dam My last hike of the Snowbird season was actually two short loops in Joshua Tree Park. The first was Hidden Valley named either because the area is framed in by rock walls or the fact that in the 1800's rustlers used to hide cattle here Hidden Valley Campground to Barker Dam Nature Trail is a 4.4 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Twentynine Palms, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from October until May Leaving from the northern end of the Hidden Valley Campground, the trail will be well marked. As you embark on this gentle, flat route, take in the desert scenery surrounding you. The trail crosses Barker Dam Road, so please use caution when crossing Barker dam along with hidden valley trail are both great beginner hikes. There is a bit more scrambling on the main trail at barker dam. Lucky for us there was water in the dam when we went. Be sure to catch the petroglyphs towards the end of the hike We spent a day traveling from the Catalina Spa and RV Resort to tour the MASSIVE grounds of the Joshua Tree National Park. The scenery, trails and rock form..

Like Barker Dam, Hidden Valley is the closest to the edge of the National Park. It is 14 miles away from Joshua Tree town and should take about 25 minutes to get to. We recommend combining this walk with the Barker Dam trail if you plan on doing both as they are pretty close together and neither take very long to complete Explore the rocky desert landscape of Joshua Tree on the Barker Dam Trail, an easy 1.1 (1.8 km) loop. Wander through Joshua Tree's iconic monzogranite boulders, namesake Joshua trees, and past the historic Barker Dam. Visit a rock art site and experience human history from a respectful distance Barker Dam trailhead is just down the street from Hidden Valley Nature Trail, which is another good short hike. Barker Dam Trail is located closer to the Twentynine Palms entrance (instead of Cottonwood entrance). If you're coming from Skull Rock, follow Park Boulevard to Barker Dam Road. Turn right onto Barker Dam Road

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Essential Facts About the Barker Dam Nature Trail at Joshua Tree. The Barker Dam Nature Trail is a loop 1.1 miles long. Most visitors hike the loop in a counter clockwise direction, where the dam comes first and then the petroglyphs. The trail is relatively flat, with a minimal elevation gain of about 50 feet The trail quickly arrives at Barker Dam (sometimes referred to as Big Horn Dam), which holds the lake water in place. Miner and cattleman C. O. Barker built the original nine-foot-high Barker Dam in 1900. Nearly a half-century later in 1949, rancher William Bill Keys raised the dam by six feet Barker Dam Nature Trail is an easy interpretive loop that leads to a lovely hidden pool in Joshua Tree National Park. This small lake attracts an array of animal life in an arid high-desert environment where water is exceedingly scarce. Barker Dam (also called Big Horn Dam) was constructed by cowboys in the early 1900s in order to water cattle

Hidden Valley Campground. Hidden Valley is without a doubt the most popular campground in the entire park. It has plenty of space for small campers and tents as well as larger RVs, but more importantly, it's conveniently located around some of Joshua Tree's main attractions and best hikes, like Hidden Valley Trail Barker Dam Nature Trail is a 1.3 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Joshua Tree, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. Can you swim at Barker Dam? Barker Dam was built over 100 years ago to preserve water. Similarly, you are not allowed to swim in the dam, and in any case, the water level is usually too low for a swim

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The Hidden Valley Trail (Easy) Barker Dam Nature Trail (Easy) This is another of the best trails in Joshua Tree Natural park. Barker Dam Nature Trail is short and very family friendly at just 1.3 miles with no difficult areas. It's an excellent choice for those who want to take a sunrise walk, and because it's a loop it's just a great. Hidden Valley is part of Joshua Tree National Park and a must see if you are ever in California. If you love the desert, you will be in heaven. Hidden Valley is a pretty easy hike, and if you can't hike there is a lot to see from your car or a short walk. The summers are brutal so try for the Fall or Winter Hidden Valley. Hidden Valley is a wonderful starter-trail in the park. It's only 1 mile and it's very easy, but it showcases so many of the parks great features. If you can only do one hike because of time or heat, then this is the one that really shows off the park! If JTNPS is the Mojave Desert's gem, then Hidden Valley is the gem within. Barker Dam Hidden Valley Campground to Barker Dam Nature Trail es un sendero circular de 4.4 millas con tráfico moderado localizado cerca de Twentynine Palms, California. Tiene hermosas flores silvestres y es bueno para todos los niveles de habilidad. El sendero ofrece una serie de opciones de actividades y es mejor utilizado de Octubre hasta Mayo Hidden Valley: Hidden Valley picnic area: 1 mile (1.6 km) 100 feet (30.5 m) 1 hour: Loop. Discover a rock-enclosed valley that was once rumored to have been used by cattle rustlers. Indian Cove: West end of Indian Cove Campground: 0.6 miles (1 km) 50 feet (15.2 m) 30-45 minutes: Loop. Walk on a gently rolling path with a few steps

The foliage that grows in the hidden valley is so extensive because of how the rocks on the outside of the valley protect the it from the wind and drain in ample water into the area as well. Hidden Valley Trail, Joshua Tree National Park. Hike Wall Street Mill & Barker Dam Nature Trail The Hidden Valley was a great place. We had no problems to get at the Hidden Valley. In the past this place was for horses. We were lucky. The sun was still high enough, but the sun will go down within 30 minutes. We walked first and enjoyed this Hidden Valley. Wow! We loved it. The sun was shining on the rocks. Wow! We finished just in time Hidden Valley & Barker Dam Trails - Joshua Tree National Park - California. 12/9/2012 0 Comments This was our first visit to Joshua Tree National Park, and we had a couple of experienced guides that introduced us to the park on these short trails Hidden Valley - Barker Dam Connector Trail is a trail in Joshua Tree National Park, CA. Like and Share. 1 Star This. Tweet Share Email. Contribute. Add Photo (s) Drop Photo (s) This page is a stub. Natural Atlas is powered by contributors like you. If you know the place and/or have some photos to share, we'd love your help

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  1. ute drive from the trailhead. This is a beautiful campsite that offers 44 sites on a first-come-first-serve basis. Hidden Valley Campground
  2. And (2) from Echo Rock gravel parking lot (known by the rock climbers as Echo Tee) between Barker Dam and Hidden Valley Campground. Contortionists. On my September 11th visit, I took the second route which also has an easy trail. This one approaches Barker dam and Piano Valley from the West. The path snakes along the eastern side of Echo Rock
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For beautiful, short hikes, check out Hidden Valley or Barker Dam. Don't forget to check out Arch Rock trail, a short trail that will take you to a super cool natural rock arch and other neat rock formations. Cholla Cactus Garden is another stop we recommended. You don't need to spend a lot of time, but it is pretty cool to see these unique. If you fancy a longer hike, join the Hidden Valley-Barker Dam Connector Trail and then head over to the Barker Dam Nature Trail. This will add on around 2.5 extra miles but is still relatively easy. Read more: Best places in California to visit. 2.) Cholla Cactus Garde Hiking in Joshua Tree National Park. Choose from several trails including Hidden Valley Nature Trail, Cap Rock or Barker Dam. Friday, September 25, 2020 7:00am - 1:30pm Meet in Lobby to depart at 7:00am. Be sure to bring comfortable shoes, insect repellent, sunscreen, rain jacket and water. The Tour includes round-trip transportation, boxed lunch and bottled [ Barker Dam Trail, Parc national de Joshua Tree - Tarif, Adresse, Avis & Téléphone. Voir toutes les activités. Sans doute un peu moins beau que hidden valley mais tout aussi facile (+/-2km) il se trouve en face de hidden valley. Je l'ai apprécié même s'il n'y avait plus d'eau dans le barrage et du coup aucun oiseau à proximité Walk, bike, or drive to the Barker Dam Day Use Area, 1.5 miles NE of Hidden Valley Campground along paved road. Most of the routes are approached via the Barker Dam Loop Trail. 132 Total Climb

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Joshua Tree National park is a great 1-day trip from Palm Springs. Visit Cholla Cactus Garden, Barker Dam, Hidden Valley, Jumbo rocks etc. If you have 2-3 days you can do more hiking, rock climbing, and geology exploration. The park has something for everyone JOSHUA TREE NATIONAL PARK/BARKER DAM AND HIDDEN VALLEY TRAILS-EP60. Our Journey In Myles. 3,262. 204 0 Published 2 years ago. We spent a day traveling from the Catalina Spa and RV Resort to tour the MASSIVE grounds of the Joshua Tree National Park. The scenery, trails and rock formations were all breathtaking

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Top Hiking Spots in Joshua Tree National Park: The Barker Dam. 7 October 2016. From inside Joshua Tree National Park, turn off Park Blvd. and head toward the Hidden Valley campground. Go past this campground as well as the road to Keys Ranch. There is a circular parking lot at the trailhead. There are two paths from the large parking area. Hidden Valley - Barker Dam Connector Trail, Joshua Tree National Park Trail and Hiking Information. The trail is located at 34.01758867, -116.15919106 (latitude & longitude) in California, Deserts, Joshua Tree National Park. The trail is 1.0 Miles (1.7 Kilometers) Singletrack in length with 2% Avg Grade (1°) and 9% Max Grade (5°)

In addition to Barker Dam and Hidden Valley, other short hikes include Hi-View, Discovery Trail, Indian Cove, and Ryan Ranch—all about one mile or less. Harder hikes include the 3-mile Mastadon Peak and the 8-mile Boy Scout Trail. Many trails start at campgrounds, so look for trail markers After setting up camp, I decide to check out some of the local hiking at Barker Dam(1.3 mile loop) and The Hidden Valley Trail(1 mile loop). Both of these are easy strolling trails that are pretty flat and take you through some of the rock formations. Barker Dam was first on the list Hidden Valley is a great spot centrally located in the park to make a base-camp for jumping off to other nearby destinations like Skull Rock, Hall of Horrors, Ryan Ranch, Barker Dam, Wall Street Mill, and more Answer 1 of 4: I've read that the Barker Dam hike is one of the best in the park, especially for families. But am I correct in assuming it will be bone dry in October (barring unexpected storms)? Are there other good sights along the trail besides the dam.. Après avoir exploré Hidden Valley, nous avons repris la voiture pour aller découvrir le barrage Barker Dam et sa randonnée.. Barker Dam. La boucle de Barker Dam est une petite randonnée qui nous amène à la découverte d'un petit réservoir niché dans le merveilleux pays des roches du parc national de Joshua Tree.. Les randonneurs de tous niveaux apprécieront cette jolie randonnée.

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Barker Dam Loop visits a small foreign-looking reservoir within the Wonderland of Rocks in Joshua Tree National Park. Hikers of all abilities will enjoy this level 1.5-mile hike. The water can all but disappear during the dry season, so make a point to visit this trail in the winter and spring. The well-marked loop is easy to follow and easy to. › Hidden Valley Campground to Barker Dam Nature Trail › Photos Photo Visitors who began their trip at Hidden Valley and who want to transition to stop at the scenic Barker Dam without hopping in the car can take this short and scenic connector instead. Leaving from the northern end of the Hidden Valley Campground, the trail will be well marked Barker Dam Nature Trail 1.3 mile loop Easy Restrooms at trailhead. The road to the trailhead is located just east of the Hidden Valley / Intersection Rock area. Follow the signs on the main road. There is a parking lot, but it tends to get filled quickly on weekend/holiday mornings. As always, get there early

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Follow the road for a total of 14 miles to the turnoff for the Hidden Valley Campground (Barker Dam Road on Google Maps). Turn left and follow the road 4 miles to a turnout on the left side of the road. Admission is $20 per vehicle for a week. The inter-agency America the Beautiful pass ($80 per year) is also accepted here.. Barker Dam in the winter, Josuha Tree National Park. The loop takes you through pretty large boulders that kind of form canyons around the trail, as well as many Joshua trees. These spots can make for interesting photo locations as well. Map Location. Hidden Valley Hidden Valley Trail in Joshua Tree NP. One great thing about hiking in Joshua Tree is that you will find so many trails that any level of a hiker can manage. Hidden Valley Nature Trail is one of the best. This 1-mile, heavily-trafficked loop trail is located near Twentynine Palms and is renowned for its accessibility and beautiful wildflowers Hidden Valley is a self-guiding, one-mile loop trail that winds among massive boulders through what was believed to be a legendary cattle rustlers' hideout. It is one of the most popular and scenic hiking trails in Joshua Tree National Park. The area is also a popular rock-climbing area. Many visitors enjoy just watching the climbers in action

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25 reviews of Barker Dam Trail Hiked in June with a 5, 4 and 1 year old. Was easy enough for them. No water in the dam but lots of foliage and rocks to look at. Petroglyphs near the end were cool for the kids to look at Although Barker Dam doesn't have a big concentration of problems, a few are classics. Test your endurance on the 70 feet traverse Gunsmoke or enjoy the pure line of The Chube. For the more experienced climbers, Streetcar Named Desire is a must. To get there from Hidden Valley Campground, simply drive on the dirt road an

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The area does have a 1.7 mile nature loop but heed my advice from Arch Rock which would be to save your legs and budget your time for Hidden Valley and Barker Dam. Joshua Tree National Park Tips Cont The Barker Dam Trail is a pleasant easy walk with good walking shoes and bring some water and possibly a small snack along for the short rest upon your arrival. Our first visit we carried a small picnic basket with sandwiches and a small bottle of wine and had an enjoyable picnic sitting on a rock at a make-shift table Barker Dam is a rare sighting of water in the desert. Originally a water tank built by early cattle ranchers, this spot is now one of the most serene spots for sunrise.. The trail to Barker Dam is an easy 1-mile round trip, perfect for the trek out in the dark.You'll want to get here early, well before the sunrise Joshua Tree National Park, Barkers Dam Nature Trail (Public Domain | Flickr) Look out for bighorn sheep in the area as well as jackrabbits and a myriad of birdlife. The dam offers a wonderful photo opportunity with spectacular reflections of the rocky outcrops and Joshua trees. The Barker Dam parking area is only two miles from Hidden Valley Intersection Rock sits at the epicenter of the climbing scene in Joshua Tree National Park. To the uninitiated, it's just the big rock next to the park's crossroads where a day-tourist might turn right for Hidden Valley Picnic Area and the Nature Loop, or left towards Hidden Valley Campground and Barker Dam

Barker Dam. It might not seem like the 1.5-mile loop that takes you past Barker Dam is ambitious but this popular hike is deceivingly tough. First, parts of the hike are on sand, which slows you down. Hidden Valley is a good afternoon hike since parts of the trail will have some shade Please enter key search to display results. Home / Uncategorized / barker dam joshua tree. barker dam joshua tre Hidden Valley Campground is off of Park Boulevard approximately 14 miles from the town of Joshua Tree. The campground is located near Barker Dam and the Hidden Valley Nature Trail. If entering from the West Entrance in Joshua Tree, continue for about 10 miles. The campground will be on your left

2. Barker Dam Nature Trail. 74485 National Park Drive Twentynine Palms, CA 92277 (760) 367-5522. Barker Dam is another popular spot where simply strolling around is already a cheap family-fun activity in Joshua Tree. Why Your Family Should Go. The Barker Dam Trail highlights the lively nature that only happens in a few spots in the wilderness The Hidden Valley day-use area is one of most scenic places for a food break. It's in close proximity to Hidden Valley Interpretive Trail and numerous rock climbing areas make this a very crowded spot pretty much all the time. 16 picnic tables are located off of a tiny loop of road on the western and southern sections of the parking lot

Joshua Tree National Park is an American national park in southeastern California, east of Los Angeles and near Palm Springs.It is named after the Joshua trees (Yucca brevifolia) native to the Mojave Desert.Originally declared a national monument in 1936, Joshua Tree was redesignated as a national park in 1994 when the U.S. Congress passed the California Desert Protection Act Hidden Valley. Hidden Valley is één van de meest populairste wandelingen van Joshua Tree National Park. De 1,6 km lange lus neemt je mee door een vallei die compleet omringd is door torenhoge granieten rotsblokken. Het pad is vrij vlak en is daardoor goed te doen als wandeling. Barker Dam. Barker Dam werd in de vroege jaren 1900 gebouwd door. Hidden Valley is a working macadamia orchard, nestled within the Maroochy River valley, not far from Yandina. The property covers approximately 30 acres, with 17.5 acres devoted to macadamia trees, over one kilometre of creeks, a picturesque dam and 12.5 acres of natural rainforest corridors Hidden Valley Campground. Hidden Valley Campground is situated in the north-central part of Joshua Tree National Park. The campground is most popular with rock climbers. The 44 sites fill quickly. Nearby are numerous climbing destinations such as Cyclops, Intersection Rock, Turtle Rock and Lost Horse Wall Hidden Valley Lake Property Owners Association 19303 Schmarr Drive Lawrenceburg, IN 47025 Phone: 812-537-3091 Fax: 812-537-1521. Click to email us. POA Office Hour

Ryan Mountain - Hidden Valley - Barker Dam. March 24, 2019 /. Ryan Mountai Barker Dam Trail A very nice short hike in the Hidden Valley area of Joshua Tree National Park is the Barker Dam trail. There are a few climbing and bouldering routes past the dam, and except for a little scooting around rocks, it is an easy trail about 5 miles, to Hidden Valley Campground. There will be a sign for the left turn and once on the road, you will see options for Keys Ranch and Barker Dam. About a mile down the road you will turn right and this will end in the parking lot for the Barker Dam Nature Trail Top: beginning of trail; Above: towards petroglyph Barker Dam, sometimes referred to as the Big Horn Dam, was constructed in 1900 by early cattlemen who used Queen Valley to graze their stock. C.O. Barker was one of the men behind building the original nine-foot-tall dam. The dam was raised an additional six feet by rancher William Keys in 1949-50

The Hidden Valley and Barker Dam trails are across the main road (Park Boulevard) from each other and provide the perfect highlight reel of the park's geological, botanical and historical gems Hidden Valley - one mile (1.7km) Not far from the Barker Dam Trail is another short gem. As the name suggests, this trail leads into what feels like a hidden valley. The trail goes through a narrow passage before dropping into a valley of rocks, boulders and Joshua trees CHECK OUT OUR GUIDE ON ALL THE HIDDEN GEMS ON PALOMAR MOUNTAIN FOR AN AMAZING DAY TRIP! To reach the trailhead: turn west from Highway 79 at a point 6.5 miles northwest of Warner Springs (mile 41.9 according to the roadside mileage markers).Continue up the mostly unpaved Palomar Divide Road for 7.8 miles to the Barker Valley Spur trailhead on the left (west) side

Barker Dam, also known as the Big Horn Dam was built in 1899 by local cattlemen (including one named Barker). It was originally nine feet high until another rancher/miner, William Keys added an additional six feet 50 years later. Today, the dam mostly provides water for wild animals. During rainy periods the reservoir can fill all the way up Barker Dam Trail: Nice little hike - See 310 traveller reviews, 433 candid photos, and great deals for Joshua Tree National Park, CA, at Tripadvisor Barker Dam Nature Trail is an easy 1.5 mile loop that shares a trailhead with Wall Street Mill, just past Hidden Valley. 2020. 5. Ryan Mountain. 142. Hiking Trails. by SmilkosLens Plan to visit Barker Dam Trail, United States. Get details of Location, timings and contact. Park BY A USER FROM UNITED STATES Cap Rock at Joshua Tree Keys View Geology Tour Road 4 days in Coachella BY A USER FROM INDIA Barker Dam Trail Hidden Valley Nature Trail Skull Rock 55 days in United States BY A USER FROM DENMARK Los Angeles San.

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Barker Dam Nature Trail is a 2 km green singletrack trail located near Joshua Tree California. This hike primary trail can be used both directions and has a easy overall.. The sunset from Keys View is spectacular, while Hidden Valley and Barker Dam make for fun little hikes in Joshua Tree National Park. Some of the best day desert hikes near Las Vegas, in my opinion. The Cholla Cactus Garden brings you up and close to an expanse of prickly cacti Hidden Valley (hiking, rock climbing and bouldering, Joshua trees and wildlife) Cholla Cactus Garden (patch of desert filled with prickly cholla cacti) Barker Dam (hiking, petroglyphs, historic water reservoir, Joshua trees and wildlife) Recommended Hike